Organic Pitted Dates

Organic Pitted Dates

Organic Pitted dates manufactured from Aseel organic dates in Pakistan are more soft and juicy than Medjool dates.

Pitted Dates are also known as seedless dates. These dates are easy to munch like snacks and filled with natural nutritious contents. The dates without the pits or seeds manufactured from Aseel Dates are the premium variety of dates grown in Pakistan. These dates are also unique in sweet taste and used in many food recipes for baking or making delightful dishes.

Aseel Organic Dates from Pakistan

Aseel Organic Pitted Dates are soft and juicy than any other variety of dates. These dates are easy to dice or chop up and include like raisins on different types of dishes.

Pitted Dates make a great snack in the morning, afternoon, or evening due to their high fibre and sugar content, which helps keep you full and energised.