Organic Aseel Dates

Organic Aseel Dates are superior quality dates grown in Pakistan and are rich with natural contents and free from synthetic contents. Dates are the best choice of food for health-conscious people.

Organic Aseel Dates

Aseel Dates

Aseel Dates are also known as Pakistani Dates (Khajoor). These dates are pitted and diced, which are easy to munch like snacks. The dates are rich in natural nutritious contents. Aseel Organic Pitted Dates are without the pits or seeds. The pitted dates are manufactured in our factory from Aseel Dates. This variety of Pakistani dates is one of the premium varieties of dates grown in Pakistan.

Organic Aseel Dates Vs Medjool Dates

Aseel Organic Pitted Dates are softer and juicy than Medjool Dates. These organic dates are unique in sweet taste and used in many food recipes for baking or making delightful dishes. These dates are easy to dice or chop up and include or spread like raisins or dried fruit on different types of dishes.

Organic Aseel Dry Dates

Organic Aseel Dry Dates are also produced in dry or dehydrated form, which is famously known as Chuara (Dry Dates). These organic dry dates (Chuara) are soaked in milk to eat in the morning to gain stamina and strength in the human body. Chuara is used in various festivities and religious rituals in Pakistan, India, Bangladesh, Myanmar, Nepal, Sri Lanka, Malaysia, Indonesia, and other countries where the South Asian diaspora is living.

Organic Dates has a significant position in the international markets across all the continents including Africa, Asia, Australia, Europe, North America, and South America.

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