Medjool Vs Regular Dates

Medjool Dates Vs Regular Dates
Medjool Dates Vs Regular Dates

Medjool Dates Vs Regular Dates

Medjool Dates are acknowledged as one of superb quality dates which are generally large in size, sweet in taste, and distinctive in color with dark brown and good-looking dried table fruit as compared to regular dates. Though there is not much difference in terms of nutrition contents Medjool fetches a good price for growers and for consumers, it is the most expensive date after Ajwa. Due to cost constraints, users involved in the process industry like paste or energy bar manufacturers prefer regular dates mainly industrial grade Aseel Dates because of identical contents, low cost, and long shelf life. Medjool is mainly produced in Jordan, Morocco, and California USA.

Unpitted Dates: A date in a whole shape with a seed inside is called an un-pitted or whole Date.

Pitted Dates: When the seed is removed from the date it is called a pitted or seedless Date. Usually, during the process, the cap is also removed before pitting the date and such a stage is called de-capping.

Aseel Dates

Aseel Dates is the best variety of Pakistani Dates. Aseel Dates are famous for their sweetness, softness, rich nutrition value, and long shelf life. Aseel Dates are produced in Pakistan. We pick Dates from our Aseel Dates Farm and Process them at our Factory / Processing Plant located at Therhi Town (Habibabad) of District Khairpur, Sindh, Pakistan.

We offer our Aseel Dates for export in different forms and shapes like Pitted Dates, Chopped Dates, Diced Dates, and Pressed Dates. Pitted Seedless Diced Chopped Paste Syrup Energy Bars Block Pressed. We are associated with leading GNS Pakistan which is a leading Dates Exporters, Processors, Traders, Sellers, Buyers, Dates Producers, and Dates Suppliers. Aseel Dates are top-quality Pakistani Dates (Fruit Fresh and dried) comparatively lower in Price is preferred by global Importers, Bulk / Wholesale Buyers, International Traders, Local Manufacturers, Trading Companies, and Leading Producers of Quality Pakistani Food Products. GNS Pakistan is active in Global Sourcing and deals in FAQ, GAQ, Industrial, High, A B C Grade, Fresh, Dry, Wet, and Processed Aseel Dates.

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