Exploring the Marvels of Aseel Pitted Dates

Aseel pitted dates stand as a testament to nature’s sweetness, offering a seedless delight packed with energy. These dates, often touted as Mother Earth’s natural candy, serve as a convenient snack and an instant energy boost, making them a go-to choice for health-conscious individuals.

Aseel Pitted Dates: A Delightful Pakistani Specialty

Aseel Pitted Pakistani Dates

Discover the essence of Aseel Pitted Dates, a culinary treasure derived from the finest-quality Aseel Dates cultivated in Pakistan. Renowned for their unparalleled sweetness and distinctive flavor, these Pakistani dates are a testament to the rich agricultural heritage of the region. With the ability to be stored at regular temperatures and boasting a shelf life of up to two years, Aseel dates offer both convenience and longevity. They serve as the foundation for an array of delectable products, including pitted, diced, and sliced varieties, as well as sought-after date paste, powder, and syrup. Delve into the world of Aseel Pitted Dates and experience the true essence of Pakistani culinary excellence.

Aseel Pitted Dates Price

The wholesale price of Aseel Pitted Dates is as below:

  • Aseel Pitted Dates – USD 700-1200 per MT
  • Pakistani Pitted Dates – USD 500 – 700 per MT
  • Aseel Pitted Dates Industrial – USD 550 – 650 per MT
  • Aseel Pitted Dates GAQ – USD 800 – 1200 per MT
  • Aseel Pitted Dates FAQ – USD 650 – 800 per MT

Pitted Dates Suppliers in Pakistan

GNS Pakistan is the chief promotor and leading supplier of Aseel Dates. In fact, GNS Pakistan holds the largest customer portfolio comprising leading top-rated global buyers. The customer portfolio mainly comprises buyers from the USA, UK, Canada, Australia, Türkiye (Turkey), UAE, Germany, and other countries of the EU, Asia, and Africa.

Pakistani Pitted Dates Exporters

According to reliable credentials, our Group Company, GNS Pakistan is one of the major dates exporters from Pakistan having a successful track record of many years with our world-renowned customers in Aseel Dates GAQ, Aseel Dates FAQ, Aseel Dates Industrial grade, Aseel Pitted DatesAseel Dry DatesDiced Dates, Chopped Dates, Date Paste, Date SugarBlock Dates, and other related products.

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