Khairpur Khajoor

Khairpur Khajoor
Khairpur Khajoor

Khairpur Khajoor: Aseel Dates commonly known as Khairpur Khajoor (Dates) is the famous variety of Pakistani Dates grown under organic as well as conventional methods in mainly Khairpur and Sukkur Districts of Sindh Province, Pakistan. The unique taste and softness are the prominent characteristics of Aseel Dates.

Khairpur Khajoor For Ramadan Kareem

During Ramadan Kareem (Holy Muslim Month), Aseel Date becomes a very hot item and consumed in Iftar time after hours long fasting. Because of vital nutritional contents and natural vitamins, Aseel Dates provide instant energy in human body. Anyone who consumes two or three dates regains vitality and strength immediately in the body. Aseel dates are also used in smoothies, milk shakes and ice creams as a substitute of white sugar. Its taste becomes more tantalizing when you add some other fruit of your choice in it. There are multiple products manufactured from aseel dates including paste, powder and cubical dices or chops.

Khairpur Khajoor – Dates Suppliers

Looking for premium Khairpur Dates suppliers? Look no further. Our esteemed company stands as a trusted source of the finest Khairpur dates, known for their exceptional quality, sweetness, and nutritional richness. We meticulously cultivate and process these dates to ensure they meet the highest standards of taste and health benefits. Our hygienically packed Khairpur dates come in various forms, from whole and pitted to chopped and diced, providing a versatile range for all your culinary needs. Whether you’re seeking a wholesome snack or an ingredient to elevate your recipes, our Khairpur dates are the perfect choice. Experience the essence of nature’s bounty with every bite. Contact us today to savor the goodness of Khairpur dates delivered right to your doorstep.

Aseel Dates Suppliers

We take great pride in producing high-quality Aseel Dates. We grow dates using sustainable farming methods and carefully select, clean, and package for ensuring their freshness and quality.

Indeed, we offer best quality stock in all shapes and types including dry dates, pitted dates, diced dates, chopped dates, sliced dates, decapped dates, date paste, date powder, date sugar unbeatable lowest price.

If you’re looking for a healthy and delicious snack, or an ingredient to add flavor and nutrition to your favorite dishes, Aseel Dates are an excellent choice.

Major Dates Exporters From Pakistan

According to reliable credentials, our Group Company, GNS Pakistan is one of the major dates exporters from Pakistan having a successful track record of many years with our world renown customers in Aseel Dates GAQ, Aseel Dates FAQ, Aseel Dates Industrial grade, Aseel Pitted DatesAseel Dry DatesDiced Dates, Chopped Dates, Date Paste, Date SugarBlock Dates and other related products.

Leading Dates Suppliers From Pakistan

GNS Pakistan is the chief promotor and leading supplier of Aseel Dates. In fact, GNS Pakistan holds the largest customer portfolio comprising leading top-rated global buyers. Mainly, the customer portfolio comprises buyers from the USA, UK, Canada, Australia, Türkiye (Turkey), UAE, Germany, and other countries of EU region, Asia and Africa.

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