Aseel Date Paste

Aseel Date Paste

Aseel Date Paste is manufactured from best quality selected dates. We also make Date Puree and Date Spread for dressing, filling in bakery products or to use as an ingredient for making energybars.

The Leading Date Paste Suppliers

Date Paste - Aseel Date Paste

We offer best quality stock in all shapes and types including dry dates, pitted dates, diced dates, chopped dates, sliced dates, decapped dates, date paste, date powder, date sugar unbeatable lowest price.

Major Dates Exporters From Pakistan

Our Group Company, GNS Pakistan is one of the major dates exporters from Pakistan having a successful track record of many years with our world renown customers in Aseel Dates GAQ, Aseel Dates FAQ, Aseel Dates Industrial grade, Aseel Pitted Dates, Aseel Dry Dates, Diced Dates, Chopped Dates, Date Paste, Date Sugar, Block Dates and other related products.

Leading Dates Suppliers From Pakistan

GNS Pakistan is the chief promotor and leading supplier of Aseel Dates. In fact, GNS Pakistan holds the largest customer portfolio comprising leading top-rated global buyers. Mainly, the customer portfolio comprises buyers from the USA, UK, Canada, Australia, Türkiye (Turkey), UAE, Germany, and other countries of EU region, Asia and Africa.