Aseel Dates Price

Aseel Dates

The price of Aseel dates in Pakistan can vary depending on various factors, including the grade of dates, their quality, and the timing of transaction. Aseel dates, a popular variety in Pakistan, is often priced competitively due to the country’s abundant date cultivation and production. Prices may fluctuate throughout the year, influenced by seasonal factors and supply and demand dynamics. Following is the export price range for the dates from Pakistan.

Aseel Dates Price in Pakistan

Product (Latest Crop)Price Range
USD $ / M Ton
Aseel Pitted Dates Select Grade1950-2500
Aseel Pitted Dates GAQ Grade1150-2200
Aseel Pitted Dates FAQ Grade750-1200
Aseel Pitted Dates Industrial Grade550-900
Organic Pitted Dates1500-2200
Diced Dates950-1400
Aseel Dry Dates – Chuara1500-2500
Date Paste850-1200
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